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Xdream - The ultimate fitness product for a fantastic experience and workout.Xdream - The ultimate fitness product for a fantastic experience and workout.Trixter X-Dream

The Xdream is the first indoor fitness product that accurately simulates the experience of riding outdoors. Real feel gears, brakes, handlebars, pedal, cranks, and seat sensors enable each move the rider makes to be accurately portrayed within the experience. The bikes resistance accurately depicts the terrain, gradients, track surfaces, and conditions.

The Xdream allows the member to enter a stunning virtual world with 5 other riders. Create your own rider logon based on your own body, complexion, and your taste in clothing. Now select your bike based on your preference for handling, how much data you want on your screen, and you're ready to start your own personalised workout schedule.

The programme generates riders to pace your ride. As you improve so do the computer riders. In order to open up the new trails you need to win the previous race. Each ride becomes slightly more difficult and the race duration increases. Motivation and reward.


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