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"The Mule is the best, easiest to use and most accurate ball-launcher in the world. The Mule is the Ultimate Skills and Finishing Solution."

"The Mule Soccer Training Equipment is used by top teams in the English Premier League, other Pro Teams around the world, College, High School and also Club teams of all ages to develop highly skilled players, players that can make a difference in games."

The Mule is a ball thruster specifically designed to duplicate the characteristics of a naturally struck soccer ball. Those characteristics include spin, arc, and flight of the ball; thus, the Mule can deliver a precise ground pass, chip, cross or shot to a designated height and distance.

The Mule is a soccer training machine for improving all around soccer skills, ball control, goal scoring and advanced game techniques. The Mule is fully adjustable to meet the needs of all skill levels from kids to professionals.Mule - Soccer Ball machineMule - Soccer Ball machine
No Maintenance, Batteries or Electric Required
The Mule is Extremely Accurate, up to 50 Yards
Will Naturally Bend Balls to Any Degree
Makes Forwards Accurate Finishers
Will Duplicate Any Shot, Kick, Pass or Throw In
Easy to Transport to the Field
The Mule Will Not Ruin Balls
100% American Made


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