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In 2011, after eleven and a half years working with some of the greatest athletes in the world, Mick left Manchester United Football Club. He had a dream about speed. He had spent years looking at where speed in athletics came from. He had travelled to America to find out all he could about the relationship between Cognition and sport. He finally worked out the connection and "Seed of Speed" was born.

SPI have specialist knowledge combined with a true desire to push forward the boundaries of modern training methodology both in the professional arenas as well as in the smaller establishments. The aim of SPI is to find the industries best products for all athletes from recreational to the elite performer to optimize their potential in all aspects of athletic conditioning. This includes cognition, visual acuity, balance, speed, power, functional movement, endurance and flexibility. If it is a desirable physical or mental attribute for your sport then SPI can aid in its development.

In his Olympic Sports Gym complex Mick created his SPI Lab. Based on his SeedofSpeed philosophy and Sports Performance Innovation equipment he began specialising in speed, using the cognitive methods he had learnt to improve the reaction time for athletes in all fields of sport.

As his client list grew, his lab expanded as he refined and improved his training methods, always on the lookout for the new cutting edge equipment and adding it to his training routine. He had already introduced the NeuroTracker to Manchester United and it was one of the first pieces he had in his gym. Other pieces were acquired like the Core-Tex, D2, Ispan, X-Dream and NeuroTracker, his cognitive lab began to grow and expand, as did his client list. But Mick didn't forget the basics, boxing, weights, sprint tracks are all included in his training regime.

Eventually, at the end of 2013, as his lab had outgrown the premises it was based in, it had become clear that he needed to do something about it and in normal Mick style, it was big! He decided to branch out and move the SPI Lab 100 yards from the Portland Mill to Riverside and took ownership of unit 5, creating the new Elite Lab.

By the start of 2014, Mick's new SPI lab was up and running in a new more spacious area, which left room in the old Mill for his Olympic Sports Gym to expand its own extensive gym. Mick has a reputation of getting the very best out of someone.  With his grit and rugged personality, Mick has had a great deal of experience taking sporting athletes who were at the top of their game even higher.  Mick specialises in training elite athletes for professional standard sport. With his seedofspeed philosophy Mick's unique and revolutionary training methods are already showing positive results in many of the athletes under his guidance.

After his years of research, Mick believes in training the whole mind and body as he advances training methods in the areas of power, speed and reaction.

Mick's power words for training are:
Reactive Power - Concentration - Speed & Agility - Brain Cognition.

So, what does the SPI Lab contain?

D2 reaction trainer,
Boxing and Taekwondo kit
Chinning and dipping machine
Hip machine
Cross trainer
Squat rack
Plyometric and gymnast boxes
Rowing machine
plus more!

SPI Elite Lab Gallery

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