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What is Sports Performance Innovation?

NeuroTracker, D2, Core-Tex. What do all these have in common? INNOVATION!

These are not items that can be found in many establishments round the country, in fact the exceptional technologies on this site are extremely rare on the general circuit.
Neurotracker Cognition Training SystemNeurotracker Cognition Training SystemRight now all these cutting edge technologies aimed at improving sporting performance are all available in one place, Mick's SPI Lab in Ashton-Under-Lyne.   

These are at the forefront of both design & technology and ahead in the field of improving elite athletic performance. In the modern world of elite athletic sports efficiency, anything that can aid the ability of any given athlete to improve his game is worth the effort to find.

At Sports Performance Innovation we constantly seek new cutting edge scientific knowledge to be applied to the industry of sport to produce some amazing athletic performances, showing improvement in all aspects of athletic training be that mental or physical. SPI are taking the effort out of the finding of these unique sporting aids.

Using our team of elite sport specialists we are constantly on the hunt for the new and innovative products from all round the world that will make a positive impact on any training methods currently used. Our purpose is to make sport-specific gains in speed, agility, visual awareness and cognitive processing.

The man behind Sports Performance Innovation is Mick Clegg, Manchester United Strength & Condition Coach 2000-2011, who worked with some of the worlds top football players.

Mick continues to coach many of those footballing legends as well expanding his areas of expertise. Those who have benefited from his seedofspeed training philosophy include as Taekwondo World No 1 Aaron Cook, Burnley goalkeeper Matt Gilks. Speedway Kyle Howarth, Kickboxing champion Mike Eade, and other footballers including Jack O'Connell, Tom Aldred, Jamie O'Hara, Craig Dawson, Theo Bailey Jones, Johnny Gorman and Lewis Buxton.

Mick's history gives the benefit of many years of involvement in the enhancement of elite sport and athletic performance working with or being part of various elite sporting activities including fitness and injury rehabilitation.

Technologies integrated into this philosophy of training are hand-picked with strong research backgrounds and functionally effective practical applications. Once these technologies are identified Mick endeavours to bring these to his own SPI lab where he can test out the equipment in his own training environment.

It is from the use of such pioneering technologies and the constant search for ways to improve athletic performance the "seed of speed" philosophy was created. SPI was formed as an evolving and symbiotic partner to ‘SeedofSpeed’ to ensure that a philosophy of training that is now cutting edge, remains cutting edge.

To find out more about Mick's SeedofSpeed philosophy please click HERE

Taekwondo Aaron Cook training under the watchful eye of Coach Mick CleggTaekwondo Aaron Cook training under the watchful eye of Coach Mick CleggMeet Mick Clegg

Mick Clegg - Power Development Coach and Personal Trainer
Generated the capability to understand the needs of athletes actualizing elite potential, proving this through the achievements of four sons.


Professional coach for 35 years.
Owner/manager of Olympic Sports Gym, multi-sports training centre since 1983.
Truly varied coaching exposure fincluding running a boxing club for 14 years.
Coaching the England Lacrosse team.
Working with Greater Manchester Sports Development Unit.

Manchester United Strength and Conditioning Coach for 111/2 years.
Central coaching responsibility for the development and rehabilitation of some of the biggest players in the world of football:-
5 years working with Cristiano Ronaldo;
3 years David Beckham;
3 years Wayne Rooney
10+ years with Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville.
Mick is also a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for CogniSens Athletics.

Mick also took time to spend time within local Secondary Modern Schools working along side the Physical Educational Department with coaching of athletics, weight lifting, football and netball.
Mick also setup ‘The Olympic Youth Association’ to generate capital and rapidly launch sports development initiatives across Manchester inner-city areas

Sports Coaching Lecturer (and Openshaw Technical College)

Main Coaching Qualifications:
BAWLA - (British Amateur Weight Lifters Association) - Accredited Teacher; Instructor & Coach for Olympic Weightlifting.
British Athletic Federation - BAF Athletic Coaching Award.
Football Association - Football Coach.

Mick is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for CogniSens Athletics.
Mick is the founder of SeedofSpeed and Director of Sports Performance Innovation.

Mick Clegg was interviewed by Goalkeeper Magazine at his Olympic Sports Gym in Ashton-Under-Lyne. During the session he talked about Matt Gilks, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs as well as describing the function of the equipment and the philosophy behind SeedofSpeed and S.P.I.

Mick Clegg Interview courtesy of Alex Roberts Video Production



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